the Network & Hardware Division of

Earth IT Consulting Services

Technical assessment to improve infrastructure and your business

As technology advances, businesses must strategically seek out and implement IT solutions that offer the greatest benefits. Hitech Solutions conducts detailed technical assessments to help businesses determine the state of current and future systems in terms of capability, security, scalability, and maintainability, and looks for ways to improve operational efficiencies, expand where desired and ulitimately reduce the costs of doing business.

A structured and practical analysis of your IT infrastructure will serve as the basis for further analysis of your current and future needs. We leverage our many years of experience and broad understanding of technology to give your company the information you need to make decisions today that will provide your business many years of future growth and expansion. 

Hardware and Software expertise combined to find the best solutions

Hitech Solutions leverages the expertise of IT Consultants and Software Engineers in every customer engagement to:

  • Define scope and approach to your current and future technology requirements
  • Audit your current system for security, reliability and growth potential
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement
  • Summarize findings and provide recommendations for moving forward