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Integrated Software Systems was founded in 1983 in San Luis Obispo, California by Larry Ridenour. ISS began as a full service Mini and Main-frame programming group developing in-house software solutions in legacy programming languages. Programming in those days was hand coded in languages like COBOL and RPGII and yielded text based data input screens on terminals. These systems were typically the size of a small car and had less memory and hard drive space than today's typical hand-held cellular device.

Hitech Solutions is a division of ISS and was spawned in the mid 90s in response to the sophistication and rapid growth of Web based applications. Today we continue to provide high quality solutions in Application Development using modern tools like Microsoft's .Net languages, MVC/Razor, ORMs such as Entity Framework, SQL Server, HTML, Javascript; to mention a few.

Larry Ridenour, the founder of ISS, has been designing and developing applications for over 30 years. He came to San Luis Obispo in 1983 when the Los Angeles based airline he was consulting for decided to move it's corporate offices up here and offered him the position of DP Manager. With the stipulation that he would also continue to grow his own business, Larry packed up 2 families, including his 3 children, left his hometown of Orange County behind for good and made the 300 mile trek to SLO Town.

At Hitech Solutions, we have a policy of hiring Programmers and IT Technicians that have at least 6-8 years of hands-on experience in addition to a related degree. There's a reason for this. Larry founded this company to represent the best of the best. Experts that were considered to be "Consultants" to a company's own IT Department. All of our Programmers and Technicians are experts in their own right and are extremely professional. That's what he created back in 1983 and that's what he demands of his company to this day. This is what you can expect from Hitech Solutions and that's what you deserve.

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